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When was it
What actually happened
Were u able to handle the situation
How u felt after this
In the indian family system, Grandparents have always been an epitome of vigor and vitality who bequeath us with ethics, values and riches and proudly speaking, in my home they are honored as living gods on earth. Last year on my parents silver jubilee anniversary me and my sister planned an Overseas holiday for my my parents. While they were away, one night my sister went over to stay with her friend and one of my friends came over to my place. Early in the morning my grandmother’s attendant knocked on my door to inform me that she had fallen sick. In a state of utter bewilderment and panic , I picked up the phone to call my parents but I decided not to get out of shape. Though for a moment I was paralyzed with fear but I pulled myself together to handle the situation wisely. My friend immediately called the ambulance, advising me to carry some cash and Atm card. I also located our family doctor’s contact number and called him on our way to the hospital, who made the necessary arrangements well in hand. Without my knowing my friend’s father reached there and deposited cash for my grandmother’s treatment . After about three hours the doctor declared that she was stable and there was nothing to worry and dread. This experience taught me the value of both, time and life. Nothing is much more important than relationships, whether it is friends or family — both are an asset, a priceless gift of life and worth a king’s ransom.

epitome — a perfect example
vigour — energy
vitality — strong & active
Bequeath — pass on
Bewilderment — confused
Dread — experience fear

• Are you a patient person?
• Why do you think it is important to be patient?
• In what kind of situations do you think we need to have patience?
• Do you think we can perform better in stress?
• What do people often do when they are stressed or panicked?
• How important is it to handle every situation calmly?
• Who do you think are more patient men or women?

• Talk about a time when you handled a crucial situation well
• A Time when you were appreciated for your actions
• An incident you can never forget