THE journey to

English not only IELTS

but also this road leads to

All that you need to know about ENGLISH ——- Learn and Grasp while you scroll down the cue cards & questionnaire, which is not just for Ielts students,  but all those who wish to get the knack of this language.My English lessons shall facilitate you to brush up, ameliorate, wade through and move on to the top of the ladder.Knowing a language or a skill makes a person more perceptive and also sharpens his ability to solve problems and think more logically.Rise of Technology enables global communication and hence such a skill becomes more valuable. ♧Overcoming language barriers enhances chances of employment and acts as a windfall to latch onto &  gain insight into distinct cultures.SO wish you all good luck, Hit the books & get going– Know the ropes, learn the ropes 


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